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5 Dental Resolutions to Make for 2019

Who doesn’t want to walk around with a bright, beautiful smile? Having a bright, white smile is a great goal to have, and one that you can attain. An excellent, reachable goal for 2019 is to have a brighter, healthier smile. Start your year right by following your Tulsa family dentist’s tips on how to get your smile to shine in 2019.

5 dental resolutions for 2019.

  1. Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

    Eating the right foods can help keep your smile brighter. Vegetables like cauliflower and celery scrub your teeth as you chew. They also help produce the saliva needed to neutralize acids. When it comes to sweets, oranges and strawberries are a good choice. These two fruits work well to polish teeth. Berries are really good for you but they can stain your teeth too. If you have these fruits rinse your mouth with water when you are through.

  2. Limit Added Sugars

    Whenever you consume anything with sugar, the bacteria in your mouth combines with the sugar to produce acid. This acid actually attacks your teeth for more than 20 minutes, putting a damper on your bright smile. The bad news? Almost anything you eat have some sugar in it, even vegetables and dairy. However, foods such as cookies, sodas and candy contain loads of extra sugar. You should avoid eating high amounts of these foods, and make sure to rinse and brush afterward.

  3. Watch What You Drink

    Any liquid that you would be afraid to drink while wearing a white shirt you should be afraid to put on your teeth as well. Coffee, dark tea, cola and red wine are some of these drinks but the list can go on. Drinking water is the best solution to keeping teeth healthy. Drinking water produces saliva and saliva helps fight tooth decay.

  4. Cosmetic Options

    Cosmetic Dentistry is meant to help make your teeth more beautiful. While it is considered elective dental care, cosmetic dentistry can add a major boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. Teeth whitening, dental veneers, Invisalign, Bonding and Full Mouth Restorations are all services we provide at our cosmetic dentistry in Tulsa to help make your teeth sparkle this year.

  5. Good Dental Hygiene Habits

    Good dental hygiene is the most important thing when it comes to keeping a beautiful smile. Regular brushing and flossing are vital to your oral health. Regular visits to your Tulsa dentist can make all the difference and will allow any dental issue to be caught early on. We love to help our patients feel confident in their smile. Contact Skyview Family Dental today to start your year off right.

Tooth-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Skyview Family Dental wants to wish you a very happy holidays! As the big day gets closer, you’re probably making a dent in your shopping list for your family. As you’re going through that list and checking it twice, don’t forget to include stocking stuffers. If you’re stumped on what to get for your loved ones, your Tulsa family dentist has some ideas. From the latest dental tech to fun toys, these tooth-friendly stocking stuffers will make–and brighten–your family’s smiles!Tooth-Friendly stocking stuffers

  • Electric Toothbrushes

    In in the past, electric toothbrushes were hard to come by, and were very expensive. Now, you can get an electric toothbrush at your local grocery store for $10. But, if you’re looking for something more festive, you can try a themed toothbrush for your kids, like Dora the Explorer, Minions, and even Transformers. These toothbrushes can play their theme song while your child brushes their teeth, so they know how long to brush.

  • Bluetooth Toothbrushes

    If’ you’re shopping for the adults in your life, a bluetooth toothbrush is the latest and greatest in dental technology! The toothbrush connects to an app on your phone, and tracks your brushing habits. It can show you how to improve your brushing technique, the length of time you’re brushing, and even show you the results over time. Plus, you can get this toothbrush in so many colors!

  • Teeth Whitening

    Instead of a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, offer to pay for a teeth whitening session in Tulsa. This is a unique gift that will dramatically improve your loved ones’ smile, with better results than drugstore products.

  • Healthier Holiday Snacks

    Sugar cookies and hot chocolate aside, there are some holiday snacks that are better for your teeth. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, sugar-free dried fruit, homemade granola, and dark chocolate covered nuts and berries are a delicious addition to your stockings.

  • Tiny Toys or Ornaments

    Our favorite thing about the holidays is making memories. You could try painting an ornament for your family, for them to find on Christmas morning. This is a great, tooth-friendly way to celebrate the holiday, and making wonderful memories.

Whether you’re shopping for children or adults, these stocking stuffers are sure to bring happy smiles! If you would like to schedule a teeth whitening or other cosmetic service for your loved one, give Skyview Family Dental a call. As one of the best dentists in Tulsa, our doctor and hygienists are happy to help!

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Cosmetic Dentistry In Tulsa, OK

A great smile can be the most attractive feature of your face. A smile helps you express health, success, and sincerity. It is a great asset in your personal, business and social contacts. So it’s important that you are happy with how your smile looks. But if you are like many people, you may not be. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can improve your smile and have teeth that you are proud of. At Skyview Family Dental we offer a number of different cosmetic dental services and we look forward to help you get the teeth and smile that you’ve always wanted.

Teeth Whitening

Fixes: Stains, discoloring

Teeth, over time can become stained and discolored. Some causes for stains and discoloration can include: wine, tea, coffee, soda, sugary drinks, tobacco use, aging and certain berries. Sometimes no matter how much you brush you still have discolored teeth and it can make you feel uncomfortable. At Skyview Family Dental we offer both take-home and in-office teeth whitening options. We will help you decided which option is best for you and you’ll be on your way to having a brighter, whiter smile.

Dental Veneers

Fixes: Stains, cavities, chipping and crooked or misshapen teeth

Veneers are thin, tooth-color shells that are bonded, or cemented, to the front of your teeth. They are custom-made of ceramic or composite resin, and look like natural teeth. Veneers can be used to fill spaces between teeth and to cover teeth that are stained, poorly shaped, or a bit crooked.

Dental Bonding

Fixes: Decay, bad breath, gaps, chipping, discoloration, misshapen teeth, bit alignment

Dental Bonding is an art to Dr. Lebedoff and can help to restore your smile. The material used is a composite resin and it is shaped around your tooth or teeth, cured and then polished. Bonding can improve the appearance of teeth.  It is painless and has an immediate effect. The whole process typically takes less than an hour in office. The dental bonding material used results in a natural, beautiful smile restoration and won’t be noticeable to the naked eye.


Fixes: Gaps in teeth, crooked teeth, bite alignment

Invisalign is an excellent alternative to adult braces. This tooth realignment system allows adults to straighten misaligned teeth without the discomfort or traditional braces. Invisalign is made of high quality, crystal clear plastic. The aligners are removable and is nearly invisible when they are worn. They are a great options for teens as well.

Full Mouth Restorations

Fixes: Teeth affected by trauma or disease including bite alignment, chipped or broken teeth, etc

Sometimes our smiles are affected by trauma or disease. Skyview Family Dental can restore the smile you once knew. We’ll assess the condition of your mouth and create a treatment plan that will rebuild and repair your teeth. Full mouth restorations can include a combination of procedures including dental bonding, periodontal treatment, dental implants and other treatments.

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For any of these Tulsa cosmetic dental services Skyview Family Dental is here to meet those needs. Dr. Lebedoff is committed to you and will listen to your questions and concerns. With our wide range of services our team will create a plan that is right for you to help you feel confident in your smile again.

How To Help Your Children Ration Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy
You know how it’s going to happen. You’ll try to convince your kids to sit down and eat their dinner, but all they want to do is worry about their Halloween costumes and talk about how great trick-or-treating is going to be this year. They’re so excited to go trick-or-treating – in fact, mentally, they’re pretty much already gone, because you know that nothing you say is going to persuade them to actually eat their spaghetti. Then the moment finally comes, and they’re on their way. You will spend the night handing out candy, or go trick-or-treating with the younger ones.

And by nine or ten at night the kids are back, and they’re showing you their “loot”. What have they brought home? That’s right. They’ve brought home what seems like 300 lbs of candy. In vain you try to limit how much of it they eat, but they gathered it all, and of course, because it’s theirs they feel like they have the right to eat it however and whenever they want.

What do you do?

Honestly, the best way to handle this situation is to set the ground-rules for Halloween candy before trick-or-treating. Because heaven knows, when it’s too late, it’s too late!

Some ideas to consider in helping your child ration their candy can include:

  • Establishing that they’ll only be allowed “X” amount of candy each day.
  • Tell them that half of what they bring home will go to the “family stash” that can be eaten throughout the year
  • Consider trading them for their candy. E. g. “Trade me some candy and I’ll pay you $5 .” “Trade me your candy and I’ll do your chores for you for a week”
  • Make a rule that they can only have some of their candy after they’ve done their chores, finished their homework, stayed in the habit of brushing their teeth, or eaten a healthy meals every day.

We hope that these suggestions help you! As a family dentist in Tulsa, we want to aid you in maintaining both health and harmony in your home. Additionally, we also remind you to make sure that with all of this candy you double-check to make sure your kids are flossing and brushing their teeth regularly! Since sugar has a way of accelerating the growth of plaque and bacteria in the mouth, the necessity of oral hygiene becomes especially critical in the Halloween season – make sure the sugar doesn’t stay in their mouths long enough to create cavities!

If they do end up getting some cavities we are happy to help your child get back their beautiful smile with our children’s dentistry services. Schedule an appointment with us today & all of us at Skyview Family Dental hope that you have a Happy Halloween with your family!

Is Activated Charcoal Safe for Whitening Teeth?

Activated Charcoal which has been used for teeth whitening, and it actually can damage your teeth rather than improve their color
There has been a new trend for teeth whitening that has been around for a couple of years now. This is a technique where you can use Activated Charcoal instead of traditional toothpaste during your regular brushing routine. It promises amazing results and that it’s simple to use, cheap, and effective. They will say that once you use it there is going to be a significant improvement in the whiteness of teeth after one use! This sounds great right? Who doesn’t want a brighter, whiter smile. Well, unfortunately the downside is that activated charcoal is not the safest thing to use on your teeth. Dr. Lebedoff, at Skyview Family Dental in Tulsa, wants you to know the risks of using activated charcoal instead of cosmetic dentistry. As well as various options that are available for teeth whitening before you consider using a trendy option such as activated charcoal.

Is Activated Charcoal really that bad?

Activated Charcoal can be really be unsafe and can damage your teeth. It’s very rough and abrasive which makes it very effective on removing hard stains and plaque in your teeth. But, it can also strip away important enamel and dentin as well. Imagine taking sandpaper and rubbing it across your teeth. The material can smooth and polish your teeth for them to become whiter, but at what cost? Most people don’t realize that Activated Charcoal is not supposed to be used on a daily basis, and it doesn’t replace your regular toothpaste. In fact it can cause more problems than it solves. The charcoal could be stripping away necessary enamel and lead additional problems for your teeth and oral hygiene.

Some of these problems can include:  

  • Severe Enamel Damage
  • Exposed Dentin
  • An Increase of Tooth Sensitivity 

Ironically, using activated charcoal is meant to whiten your teeth, but with some of these dental problems, your teeth can actually become yellow and discolored! This type of problem can not be treated easily, and especially not with traditional toothpaste and normal teeth cleaning treatments. The best way to fix it is to consider teeth whitening and cosmetic dental corrective procedures. Some of these procedures can cost more than you want to spend. Save yourself the money and the trouble by avoiding activated charcoal and come into Skyview Family Dental to meet with Dr. Lebedoff about teeth whitening in Tusla.

There Has To Be a Better Way:

There is some good news for you, if you are serious about having a whiter smile. Skyview Family Dental in Tulsa are has an excellent dentist and staff that is professionally trained and have years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening procedures. Dr. Lebedoff also offers procedures that can repair your damaged teeth such as dental implants and veneers. Our team is here to assist you will all your questions and concerns. We want your smile to be the best that it can be. To make sure your teeth last longer than the newest trends by calling our office today to make an appointment or schedule a consultation online!

Get Your Child’s Back To School Checkup!

Back to School Dental Check-ups At Tulsa Family Dentist Skyview Family Dental

Its that time of the year again! It might be your favorite time of the year or your least favorite, either way, it’s time to take care of dental check-ups for the kids before your family gets into the busy routine of school life! Skyview Family Dental in Tulsa knows how vital it is to maintain a predictable routine and that even small unscheduled surprises can cause parents and kids some headache and frustration. That’s why it’s so important to get your kids in for a checkup and any work that might need doing before the school year starts again!

For you parents who have a few kids or even one kid, we know that visits to the dentist don’t always go as smoothly as we would all hope, so, we’ve prepared a list of 5 secrets that we want to share with you in the hopes that your next visit will be a little less adventurous!

1. Timing Is Everything
Time of day can make or break your child’s appointment. “It’s important for a child of any age who’s used to a nap to not schedule during naptime,” she says. If your child is always cranky after waking up, factor that in too.

2. Make One Child A Role Model
If you’ve scheduled back-to-back appointments for your children, there’s a simple way to decide who goes first: Choose the child who’s had the most positive experiences at the dentist. You generally want them to be first as they can make a good impression to their siblings for how good it is to go to the dentist.

3. A Hungry Child Is Not a Happy Patient
Feed your child a light meal before the appointment. Hungry people are grouchy people. You want them to be comfortable! Eating a light meal is also better for a child who might have a strong gag reflex!

4. Check Your Anxiety
If your heart races at the very thought of the dentist, your child can probably tell. Kids pick up on parents’ anxiety. It’s important to be careful how you talk about the dentist with all kids, especially at age 8 and younger. At that age, they’re highly susceptible to the fears and anxieties of their parents. Talk calmly about the dentist, and about how nice it will be to have their teeth all fixed and clean! Your attitude can go a long way in their experience!

5. Keep Cool If Your Child Won’t Cooperate
If your child gets upset during her visit, the worst thing you can do is swoop them out of the chair and leave. The next visit will be even harder! Our dental team is experienced with stressful situations and can help you, and your kids get through them!

Schedule An Appointment Today!
We hope you find these little secrets helpful! Back to school appointment slots fill up fast so call our friendly staff at Tulsa Family Dental today to schedule an in-office visit for your whole family!

What is the Best Kids Toothbrush

Child Brushing Her Teeth
Kids watch everything we do. From the way we eat to the way we treat others. They often mimic the actions we do, whether good or bad. That includes our dental hygiene habits: the way we brush, how often we brush, the food and drinks that we consume, if we use our teeth as tools or not, etc.. Something that we don’t often think about is the kind of toothbrush we use. There are many choices out there that are good but we often want the best for our children. Our children’s dentist in Tulsa, Dr. Lebedoff has some recommendations for you when choosing the toothbrush that is right for your child.

Toothbrush Bristles

Toothbrush bristles are usually made of either nylon or nylon-polyester blend bristles. There are many toothbrushes available in different shapes, textures, and sizes but finding the best begins with choosing the right type of bristles for your child’s teeth.

For young children we highly recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush for teeth that are still developing. Soft bristles will gently remove plaque and debris from your child’s teeth and gum line. A toothbrush with hard bristles may be a little too rough on the gums.

Toothbrush Shapes and Sizes

Choose a size of toothbrush that coincides with your child’s age and growth development. Comfort is key and the age recommendation on the packaging is a good place to start. You not only want the toothbrush size and shape to fit comfortably in the mouth, but you also want to ensure it is easy to hold and use for your child.

Have fun when picking out your child’s toothbrush. Let them pick it with your or have it be a surprise. When a child loses a tooth sometimes it is fun to let the tooth fairy leave a little gift of a new toothbrush under their pillow. Whatever it is you do, make it a positive experience. It will help with them establishing good dental hygiene habits while they are young.

Good Habits Start Early

Establishing good habits of brushing twice daily while they are young is so important. Also don’t forget about the important of flossing. These habits established now will last them their entire lives.

Another important aspect of dental hygiene is the importance of taking your kids to see a children’s dentist twice a year. Yearly checkups can help catch problems early and creates a positive experience for the child and parent. If you are looking in Tulsa for a children’s dentist, than look no further. Give Skyview Family Dental a call today to schedule an appointment. Make visiting our office the start of your child’s good dental habits.   

5 Ways to Help Your Child Not Be Scared of the Dentist


being scared to go to the dentist is very common. Going to the dentist is scary at any age! Many adults avoid going to the dentist, and Dr. Lebedoff doesn’t want your child to grow up afraid of ever setting foot inside a dental office. Healthy teeth means you have a healthy body. That’s why it’s important to have routine visits to your family dentist twice a year to keep teeth clean .

Here are 5 different ways that you can help your child not be scared of visiting the dentist:

  1.  Start Young!

Children should have their first dental appointment by age one. A good rule to follow is:  first birthday or first tooth. The earlier you start, the more time you have to the child to become accustomed to dental visits as “normal”. Plus, the sooner you start care, the less likely you are to have problems that require treatment like fillings that can be scary or unpleasant for little ones.

  1.  Make it a Family Affair

At Skyview Family Dental we’re here to take care of your whole family.  Letting your little one see that you are going to the dentist, cheerfully and unafraid, can help ease their fears.  If you’d like to bring your child along for a routine exam or cleaning, so they can see what will be happening at their visit, simply let our staff know and we’ll be happy to accomodate you.

  1.  Let Us Explain…

Our staff has experience dealing with children who might be afraid or worried about their exam.  We will explain to them what’s going on, and what is happening so that it can help them not be so scared.  If your child is full of questions before the appointment (what child isn’t full of questions?), help them make a list of things they’d like to ask Dr. Lebedoff about teeth. We’ll be more than happy to take time to answer them.

  1.  Come Along!

For routine visits, especially the first few, it can be helpful to have a parent or trusted adult in the room during the exam.  You’re more than welcome to sit with your child and provide reassurance that everything is going to be ok. Don’t be surprised though if, as they get older, they’d rather go see their friends on our staff all by themselves (just like you)!

  1.  Trust Us, This Is Normal.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous, shy, or even fearful.  That’s okay. Our goal is to provide families in the Tulsa area with a place to bring their whole family where you can count on our experience and competence.  If your little one is acting up a bit, rest assured we’ve seen it before and you don’t need to feel embarrassed or uneasy about it. We love helping kids have bright, healthy smiles and with our experience we can help turn the trip to the dentist into a positive memory.

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The more your child comes to the dentist, the easier it gets. Dr. Lebedoff, and our staff are excited to meet your entire family! Schedule an appointment today to help brighten your families smiles even more! 

How To Prevent Cavities In Your Family

Happy Smiling Family image provided by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/armymedicine/13584554804

Preventing tooth decay is important for the whole family!  At Skyview Family Dental we want to be sure that all members of the family have happy, healthy smiles.  We all know that it’s important to brush and floss twice daily, at all ages, but did you know that it’s recommended your child should also have their first dental exam before age 1?  

Twice A Year Visit The Dentist

Having routine dental exams and cleanings twice a year are a vital part of preventing tooth decay for the whole family. Choosing a Tulsa family dentist can make developing and maintaining good dental hygiene habits much easier. Having the whole family come in to see Dr. Lebedoff together will save time, and build a sense of working together as a team.  

We can help you be sure you’re caring for your whole family’s teeth the best you can, and that you teach your children to care for their own teeth correctly too. Children under 2 years of age should have their teeth flossed and brushed with a soft bristled brush and fluoride free toothpaste twice daily.  Once they can reliably spit the toothpaste out, usually around 2, they can use a kid friendly fluoride toothpaste and work toward brushing their teeth on their own. They still may need supervision for some years though. Remember each brushing should last at least 2 minutes, and don’t forget to floss. Aside from routine brushing morning and evening the AADP also recommends brushing after sugary drinks or snacks, for children and adults alike.  

Avoid Excessive Amounts of Sugar

The longer teeth are exposed to sugary drinks or snacks, the more likely decay is to set in. Eating at regular intervals can help with preventing cavities too, normally when you eat the saliva in your mouth washes the excess acid away after you finish. If you are snacking often, or eating candy or snacks for long periods of time, your saliva won’t be able to do its’ job keeping the acid away from your teeth. It’s best to drink sugary drinks or milk quickly, as in the course of a meal, then switch to water.  

Foods that are high in acid, like citrus fruits, can weaken tooth enamel, so it’s a good idea to brush after eating them too. At bedtime no drinks, aside from water, be offered to children after their nightly brushing and flossing, because the milk or juice can stay the child’s mouth all night and provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that cause tooth decay. There’s even a term for this specific (and very common) type of tooth decay; baby bottle tooth decay. Talk to Dr. Lebedoff about dental sealants, and how it a great option for children to help counteract the sugar and acids that are in our foods.

Once the nightly brushing and flossing have been done, if you need a drink, then water is always the best choice.  Once a tooth develops decay, or a cavity, it will require treatment. Even cavities in primary, also known as baby, teeth will need to be treated to stop the bacteria from spreading.

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As was mentioned above scheduling an appointment with your family dentist twice is year is very important to your family’s dental health. Dr. Lebedoff and his dental staff strive to provide the greatest in family dentistry in Tulsa. Schedule an appointment today!

Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa

Tulsa Sedation Dentistry Services

Feeling Stressed About Your Next Dental Visit?

If you or anyone in your family is feeling particularly anxious about any kind of dental visit or procedure, please call us today so we can explain what options you have. To help our patients relax, Dr. Lebedoff offers sedation dentistry at our Tulsa family dental practice. The sedation helps the patient enter a complete state of relaxation, allowing him or her to be virtually unaware of dental treatment. After treatment, the patient will then be carefully and quietly awakened from their sedation. Generally, the patient will awake from sedation with little to no memory of the procedure.

Tried and true, sedation dentistry is effective and safe. Its ideal for patients who are fearful of the dentist, dislike needles or shots or suffer from a bad gag reflex. It is also great for patients who have very sensitive teeth, complicated dental history or are restricted in the amount of time they have to complete a procedure. Sedation dentistry may also provide a solution to individuals who have difficulty responding to numbing agents. If you suffer dental anxiety or believe you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry, we would be happy to help improve your dental experience!


One of our favorite things about sedation dentistry is that people will usually feel like the dental procedure we performed took only a few minutes, when in reality, it may have taken hours to finish. The average patient can only withstand so long of a procedure while awake which means several visits may be required. Complex dental procedures such as smile makeovers or extensive rebuilding procedures that typically require multiple visits can often be completed in fewer or even just one appointment.

Because sedation dentistry addresses some of the fears that keep people from going to the dentist on a regular basis, sedation dentistry patients are more likely to receive recommended routine care. As a result, they are less likely to neglect their oral health or allow oral health problems to build to the point when drastic dental treatments become necessary.

If you want to improve the look of your smile or fix serious issues happening in your mouth, but are feeling reluctant to come in, sedation dentistry could be a great option that will help you take care of your health and have a smile you can be proud of!

Choosing A Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentistry treatments should be performed under the guidance of a dentist and staff specially educated, trained and experiences in dental sedation procedures.

Skyview Family Dental is home to one of the best sedation dentists in Tulsa. If you’re feeling nervous or apprehensive about a dental checkup or especially more complex procedures, Dr. Lebedoff and his staff would be more than happy to sit down with you and walk you through all of the options available and explain how your visit can be calm and comfortable. Schedule an appointment with us today!