Emergency Dental Care in Tulsa, OK

Don’t wait to contact us! If you have a dental emergency, we are here to help you. If you have a dental emergency,
please call 918-289-2741.

Emergency Dental Care

Examples That Constitute a Dental Emergency

  • Knocked-out Teeth From Sports Injury or Accident
    • If you have a tooth that has been knocked out, fit it back in the socket if possible and apply pressure, or place it in cold saline solution, milk, or ice water, and head in. Call Skyview Family Dental to let us know you are coming, and we will make time to see you!
  • Intense Pain When Chewing, Eating, or Speaking
  • You Have Lost A Filling or Crown and Are Experiencing Pain
  • You Have Been In An Accident and Have Sustained Damage To Your Teeth
  • Your Child Has Fallen, Hit His or Her Mouth and Is Bleeding
  • You Have Unusual Pain While Flossing or Brushing Your Teeth
    • There is a food particle stuck between a tooth and your gum, and now there is pain, swelling, or drainage from the area
    • Severe Toothache
    • Broken Fillings, Broken Bridgework, Lost Crowns
    • Painful Irritation From Braces or Dentures
    • Dental Abscesses
    • Painful, Infected, or Decayed Teeth
    • Chipped, Cracked, Fractured or Broken Teeth
    • Damage From Sports Injuries or Accidents

If you still aren’t sure, please call us for a recommendation. We may have you come in immediately, schedule you in our first available appointment, or if your dental emergency is severe enough, we may tell you to go to an emergency room.

Remember, there is no need to wait when experiencing a painful or emergent dental condition. Call Skyview Family Dental right away so we can help you!


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