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Emergency Dental Care in Tulsa, OK

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Don’t wait to contact us! If you have a dental emergency, we are here to help you. Waiting could compound the problem and prolong a painful condition. Dr. Lebedoff will make every effort to see you right away, get you out of pain, and provide treatment to restore your teeth. If you aren’t sure what you are experiencing is an emergency, below is a list of possible conditions that would call for emergency action and a quick call to our office.

Examples That Constitute A Dental Emergency:

Other More Common Dental Emergencies:

If you still aren’t sure, please call us for a recommendation. We may have you come in immediately, schedule you in our first available appointment, or if your dental emergency is severe enough, we may tell you to go to an emergency room.

Remember, there is no need to wait when experiencing a painful or emergent dental condition. Call Skyview Family Dental right away so we can help you!